Automotive & Mobility


Infotainment Systems in Automotive have become the primary interface between vehicle and Human. Execution of Highly complex tasks through intuitive, usable & desirable infotainment system is a given requirement in this era. Our Automotive Infotainment services and solutions enable clients in developing and delivering Infotainment systems which are aesthetic, usable, adaptable and reconfigurable, which provide a seamless interface of information and entertainment to the user.

E - Powertrain

We are a Product Engineering Service provider with Electric powertrain development at the core of our services. From the motor controllers that drive the EVs to the advanced automotive applications like Body Control Modules, Battery charging and Management System, we provide a range of services that can expedite your EV projects. Our services are in the areas of Battery Management System, Power Convertor, Electric Motor control and charging infrastructure.


We provide professional automotive software solutions for ADAS and automated driving, user experience, connected car, and functional safety. A tight interlinking of these elements is crucial for paving the way towards assistive and automated driving functions that reliably work in highly complex situations. We cover the complete SWLC of ADAS and automated driving functions. We excel at providing engineering services and solutions for functions, algorithms as well as serial-model-based and conventional software development.

Cyber Security

We provide development support in the four stages of Cyber security; assessment, prevention, monitoring, and response. We also provide solutions to the OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers that will enable them to deliver security, while managing risks associated with system vulnerabilities, data breaches and threats.